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Freight Logistic Services

You can count on Easy Auto Logistics to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. We have the capabilities of transporting freight including new and used vehicle engines, crated and palletized auto parts among other vehicle related freight. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about our Freight Logistics Services.

CONTACT US TEL:  +1 (562) 469-8608 or E-MAIL US:

Expert Service

As an experienced freight broker we deal with hundreds of logistics companies, that work hard to save you money; by matching your shipments with regular scheduled shipments heading to the same destination. Get a quote and see if we are the  transportation and logistics company to save on shipping costs. Contact us today.

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Always Prepared

Easy Auto Logistics wants you to know that to ship a truckload or less than truckload you will, need to consider: the size of your shipment, your shipping budget, how fast you need it delivered, and how delicate your shipment is, If the shipment is large, fragile, and it needs to reach a destination quickly, then FTL maybe the way to go. Ask us how.

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Attention to Detail

Easy Auto Logistics transports your products across the United States efficiently and on time. We specialize in (LTL), (FTL), and Auto Freight services. We offer 3PL services and warehousing to provide a complete, one-stop shipping solution. We stand for integrity, efficiency, and teamwork. Our team is focused on delivering exceptional service.

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Home Delivery

Express Shipping

Tracking Shipments

Easy Auto Logistics LLC utilizes insured, secured and bonded facilities; we provide warehousing, packing, crating, trucking and loading services out of our affiliate warehouses here in the USA* - WA, NM, CA, TX, GA, NY, FL. All other worldwide destinations are covered by our affiliated organization member companies.

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